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FX Luminaire introduces new wireless linking module for lighting pros

June 13, 2022 -  By
(Photo: FX Luminaire)

The new Luxor Wireless Linking Module allows users to enable wireless communication between a primary Luxor Controller and Luxor Satellite (LSAT) Controllers while maintaining a single point of control. (Photo: FX Luminaire)

The new Luxor Wireless Linking Module from FX Luminaire allows users to connect Luxor and Luxor Satellite Controllers without trenching or running wire.

The new module uses LoRa radio, a frequency-driven technology, which according to the company provides secure and stable long-distance communication beyond what Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can offer. It also offers installation flexibility with controller and remote mounting options and two setup modes:

  • Quick Start Mode which gets controllers up and running within minutes.
  • Advanced Mode which lets contractors configure the wireless modules to specific Luxor or Luxor Satellite Controllers using unique identifiers.

“Hardwiring can be difficult and labor-intensive for large projects where controllers are scattered throughout the job site,” said James Cervantes, product manager at Hunter Industries. “The Wireless Linking Module simplifies the connection process and provides flexibility for transformer placement.”

Contractors also get instant access to real-time controller diagnostics through an easy-to-read display that is protected from outdoor elements with a heavy-duty plastic cover.

The Luxor Wireless Linking Module is available now.

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