FX Luminaire intros Luxor Satellite Controller

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LSAT-300_011_RTFX Luminaire released the Luxor Linking and the Luxor Satellite controller, which are designed to let users easily manage multiple Luxor ZD and Luxor ZDC sites.

“Luxor Linking and the Luxor Satellite controllers simplifies your Luxor ZD or Luxor ZDC lighting systems,” said James Cervantes, Product Manager FX Luminaire Lighting Controls. “Having a single point of control for large multi-controller sites allows for more flexibility when creating unique themes and programs.”

The new controllers can link of up to nine Luxor Satellite controllers, letting the user manage all programs, themes and groups from a single point of control. The use of Luxor Satellite controllers improves Wi-Fi connectivity and simplifies lighting designs, the company said.

“The Luxor Satellite also provides an economical option for expanding upon existing Luxor ZD and Luxor ZDC systems,” said Cervantes.

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