FX Luminaire unveils MR-16 50-watt replacement lamp

February 20, 2019 -  By
MR-16 50-watt LED replacement lamp (Photo: FX Luminaire)

(Photo: FX Luminaire)

FX Luminaire introduced the MR-16 50-watt LED replacement lamp, which is designed for applications that require lamps with high lumen outputs.

The lamp completes the company’s MR-16 offering, which now includes several lumen output options in lamp models ranging from 20- to 50-watt equivalents. Additionally, the lamp offers retrofit capabilities for all lighting fixtures with an MR-16 lamp base.

It incorporates the same potted design as the lower output 20- and 35-watt models, is available in 2,700K and 3,900K color temperatures, features a 35-degree beam spread and is capable of zoning and dimming when used with the Luxor Low-Voltage Cube.

The lamp is also fully compliant with California’s Title 20 requirements, as its energy efficiency helps reduce electricity consumption, FX Luminaire said.

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