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Get your first look at the new Turfco T5000

January 13, 2021 -  By

Landscape Management Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones chats with Turfco Executive Vice President Scott Kinkead to learn about the T5000 spreader-sprayer. Tune in to see what sets this machine apart.

The T5000 is built for larger properties, with its 60-gallon sprayer and 325-pound spreader capacity coupled with a powerful 22-hp engine delivering speeds up to 7 mph. The intuitive, steering wheel drive system provides stability on hills, eliminates turf-tearing and reduces training time. New operators can be trained and fully operational in less than a week.

“The T5000 builds on the heritage of the hardworking T3100, so that between the two machines, business owners can cover all their properties, large and small,” says George Kinkead, president of Turfco. “Now your operators can move from one machine to the next, reducing training time and helping businesses grow profitably, making their staff more productive.”

The T5000’s unique two-nozzle boomless spray system delivers an effective spray width of 10 feet, increasing productivity up to 29 percent over existing units. The boomless design eliminates some of the maneuverability challenges of spray booms by letting operators glide past obstacles such as signposts and fire hydrants without slowing down. And with optional 3-In-1 Tank, covers up to 300,000 square feet per fill, so operators can make quick work of any property.

The hydraulically driven spreader provides infinite control up to 25 feet wide. Cables have been eliminated to streamline operation. Turfco’s sprayer and spreader can do matching application widths. Unique hard trim eliminates off-target prills to reduce clean-up time and wasted fertilizer.

The drive system maximizes performance and boosts operator comfort with an easy-to-operate patented steering wheel and hands-free speed control. The pivoting front axle gives ultimate control in handling hills and uneven terrain minimizing operator fatigue and eliminating turf tearing. It also assists the operator in accurately matching up with the next application pass.

The T5000 is a scaled-up version of Turfco’s mid-sized riding applicator, the T3100 sprayer-spreader. While developed to tackle larger properties, the T5000 still fits through a 48-inch gate. The T5000 and the T3100 share a similar operating system, so operators trained on the T3100 can get up to speed on the T5000 faster — drastically reducing operator training time. Landscape contractors can standardize operations, and accelerate productivity.

The T5000 sprayer-spreader is available for factory-direct purchase from Turfco.

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