Graham Spray Equipment: GSE LawnScaper

Photo: Graham Spray Equipment
Photo: Graham Spray Equipment

All your lawn care equipment and landscaping gear on one rig!

With the Graham LawnScaper, versatility, efficiency, and safety come together in a perfect setup for your landscape and lawn spray business. The Isuzu NPR-HD truck’s bed accommodates a ride-on mower or spreader sprayer, a Graham spray unit (300 or 400 gallons), and all the other tools of your trade.

The Hannay reel and forkable steel frame give you total flexibility in using the GSE spray hose or your spreader sprayer. Fold-down bed rails make loading and offloading easy, and the spray unit can be removed anytime you want to use the truck just for landscaping.

Learn more at grahamse.com/our-products.

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