Graham Spray Equipment intros new compartmented spray unit

January 23, 2018 -  By
Graham Spray Equipment

Photo: Graham Spray Equipment

Graham Spray Equipment introduced the GSE 600-gallon spray unit.

The spray unit features a 400/200–gallon compartmented tank that enables one spray rig to service multiple grass types requiring different chemical treatments. Dual pumping stations allow two technicians to apply different treatments at the same time.

“This is a significant increase in efficiency on routes that require multiple treatments,” said Dave Arnett, sales manager of Graham. “One rig can get everyone on a single run.”

The unit also includes two under-bed storage boxes (each 18 by 18 by 30 in.), a large dry storage box (30 by 30 by 78 in.) and a 16-gallon water tank. Mechanical agitation and jet agitation are used in the 400- and 200-gallon tank compartments, respectively.

Like all Graham spray units, the 600-gallon compartmented unit can be customized and comes with lifetime phone support.

Photo: Graham Spray Equipment

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