Greenworks and Sperber showcase battery-operated lineup at exclusive event

Property managers, community leaders and developers got a chance to try their hands at Greenworks battery-powered equipment.
Corey Fisher, director of vehicle engineering for Greenworks shows off one of the company's stand-on mower options. (Photo: LM Staff)
Corey Fisher, director of vehicle engineering for Greenworks shows off one of the company’s stand-on mower options. (Photo: LM Staff)

Greenworks recently showcased its partnership with Sperber Landscape Co., No. 8 on the 2022 LM150 list, at an event at Farm Brewery in Broad Run, Va.  Community Landscape Services, a commercial landscape management firm owned by Sperber, hosted the event. 

“With this partnership (with Sperber), we want to be leaders,” said Klaus Hahn, president of Greenworks. “To do that, we must be durable and offer solutions to the customer. It is about revolutionizing the world of landscape equipment.”

At the Greenworks event, invited developers, property managers, school board directors and community leaders tested Greenworks’ chainsaws, mowers, blowers, UTVs and other 82-volt battery-powered products. 

Sperber Landscape Co.’s growth continues with recent acquisitions such as Idaho-based Trautman Lawn & Landscape and Ultimate Innovations in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Looking ahead

“We have to push the limits of battery-operated technology,” Hahn said. “Before any of these products come to market, we make sure they check all the boxes of what they must accomplish. Higher productivity, being adjustable for any task needed to be done and giving the perfect cut for any type of grass.”

Hahn said with each generation of Greenworks tools, the company focuses on learning from its past and feedback from its customers to develop a more optimized product. 

Meanwhile, Greenworks Commercial offers 24-, 60-, 80- and commercial-grade 82-volt battery-powered outdoor power equipment, along with power and cord tools. 

“The purpose of these products is to be simple on the inside and smarter on the outside,” said Hahn.

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