Greenworks Commercial releases new pole saw

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Greenworks Commercial unveiled the brushless pole saw—a new addition to the 82-volt line.

The saw’s 82-volt battery, combined with its brushless, electric motor technology, delivers power, torque and run-time that is equivalent to comparable gas-powered models, according to Greenworks.

Greenworks Commercial

Brushless pole saw Photo: Greenworks Commercial 

The new model, which features a pull-trigger start, produces 50 percent less noise and five times less vibration, emits no emissions or exhaust fumes and requires no fuel or stabilizer mix.

“Thanks to its ability to provide incredible performance without disturbing the serenity of the natural environment, while saving users money over time, our 82-volt line has caught on quickly among professional landscapers and golf course superintendents,” said Chris Allen, president of Greenworks North America.

Photo: Greenworks Commercial 





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