Greenworks kicks off Equip Expo week with new product introductions

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The Twin Spires of Churchill Downs was the backdrop for Greenworks Commerical’s media event before the start of Equip Expo.

“This is truly groundbreaking,” said Klaus Hahn, president of Greenworks. “Everything comes down to productivity. There’s no excuse not to change to cordless.”

The company gave attendees an inside look at new technology to be unveiled at the Equip Expo, a look at some new innovations yet to be officially announced as well as new mobile charging trailer.

Hahn said “this is your shop on wheels,” of the company’s new trailer.

The company unveiled new products including:

Greenworks new OptimusZ zero-turn mowers include include 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch ride-ons; 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch stand-ons and 32-inch and 36-inch compact stand-on platforms. (Photo: Greenworks)

Greenworks new OptimusZ zero-turn mowers include 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch ride-ons; 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch stand-ons and 32-inch and 36-inch compact stand-on platforms. (Photo: Greenworks)

A new line of zero-turn mowers, called OptimusZ. These include 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch ride-on platforms with 18kWh and 24kWh battery modules; 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch large stand-on platforms with 18kWh and 24kWh battery modules and 32-inch and 36-inch compact stand-on platforms with 8kWh battery modules. The OptimusZ mowers utilize a 24kWh battery capable of up to eight hours of runtime and top cut speed of 16 mph. The line operates with the equivalent power of a 65hp gas engine and is equipped with three direct-drive cutting motors. The batteries of the OptimusZ line are housed beneath the rider. OptimusZ is engineered to cut along slopes of up to an astounding 25 degrees. Low-profile hub drive motors in the rear wheels constantly monitor and respond to changing conditions and provide adaptive traction control. Also included are 360-degree, high-intensity HALO lighting LED illumination, foldable rollover protection system (ROPS) and LFP lithium-ion battery technology. 4G/GPS connectivity comes standard across the entire OptimusZ range and they come with Green Shield theft protection.

A new commercial-grade battery-powered backpack blower with brushless motor technology, and a 750 cfm and 220 mph output. When outfitted with two 8AH batteries, the blower can deliver 50 minutes of continuous runtime on high, 30 minutes on turbo and three hours of total runtime. With a maximum power of 3KW. Its optimized dual-draw battery technology powers an axle fan, brushless motor and intelligent controller to create 36 Newtons of blowing force. It weighs only 14.3 pounds and boasts a noise level of 72DB at 50 feet. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty padded harness and a waterproof dual-port battery compartment.

A new 24-inch commercial chainsaw with a 4.3kW brushless motor. It is powered by Greenworks’ new 82V X6 6Ah lithium-ion battery pack with EnergX battery technology. With only 5.95 pounds of weight, the battery pack provides 4.5kW of continuous power output and up to 60 amps of continuous discharge current. The unit is also available with the newly developed 1.5kW X-Series charger with dual or six-port charging bank option that can charge the 82V X6 6amp battery pack with energX lithium-ion battery technology within 20 minutes. This new chainsaw comes with a range of compatible bars from 20 to 28 inches and provides a chain speed of up to 82 feet per second and a maximum of 13,000 rpm when cutting.

Greenworks new 20-foot Optimus Mobile Charging Trailer is a battery-charging trailer transports and charges tools and equipment. (Photo: Greenworks)

Greenworks new 20-foot Optimus Mobile Charging Trailer is a battery-charging trailer that transports and charges tools and equipment. (Photo: Greenworks)

Its 20-foot Optimus Mobile Charging Trailer, a battery-charging trailer that transports and charge tools and equipment. The mobile charging trailer houses a 26kwh battery, capable of providing 32KW of constant charging energy. Its built-in temperature-controlled charging ports charge up to 18 82V handheld batteries in as little as 30 minutes. Greenworks said this reduces the number of handheld batteries needed to complete a workday by 60 percent. The trailer offers a zero-turn charging output of 6000W each. It can charge a riding mower in as little as 75 minutes while allowing landscapers to conveniently charge their mowers inside or outside of the trailer. With real-time 4G/GPS connectivity, has full visibility of the team and real-time metrics on battery status, trailer location and system functions via the trailer’s built-in LCD Screen Dashboard and Greenworks Fleet Connect app. This 4G/GPS connection also provides theft protection. The charging trailer comes standard with 3000W of solar power, an automated shutdown system and a security system with an HD camera. Greenworks said this trailer can transport and charge more than 20 battery-powered tools including 36 handheld batteries and three full-size zero-turn mowers. It also comes with EV-style, rapid DC charging capabilities which can fully charge the 26KW battery in 30 minutes at any EV charging station and has four individual 20AMP circuits for powering existing products on board. It can also output 50A 240V to power a welder or recharge an electric vehicle.

An 82V 30-inch cordless self-propelled mower. This mower comes with dual commercial-grade independent brushless cutting motors, individual variable-speed rear-wheel drive motors, as well as the ability to reverse with a patent-pending rear-wheel drive system. The mower features a tri-port powerhead to accept three batteries for up to 2 acres of runtime. The mower also comes with a built-in 4G+GPS system inside the unit with LCD display for tracking performance, location and battery life. It is compatible with the Greenworks Fleet Connect App.

A new 82V 16-inch front-mount string trimmer that provides 45 minutes of runtime on a single charge. The trimmer provides a 16-inch cutting swath and a comfort overmolded ergonomic front handle and rear throttle as well as lightweight rear housing. The new 82-volt string trimmer utilizes a front-mounted, direct-drive commercial-grade brushless motor that produces 1.2 kW of maximum power.

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