Greenzie enhances autonomous mowing software for 2024 season

Greenzie's 3.0 software further enhancing the mower’s capabilities. (Photo: Greenzie)
Greenzie's 3.0 software further enhancing the mower’s capabilities. (Photo: Greenzie)

Autonomous software developer Greenzie launched its 3.0 software to boost its customer’s autonomous mowing capabilities. The company designed and developed the latest innovations based on direct customer feedback from the 2023 mowing season.

Greenzie’s latest software offers users three major feature enhancements:

  • Record and repeat: Manually record mowing an area once and then the mower will repeat it all season long.
  • No-go zones: Map out a keep-out zone so the mower knows exactly where it is and isn’t allowed to go.
  • GoTo: Did your Greenzie-equipped mower finish a job and is now on the other side of a field? Just tap on the map and tell it where to go next.

Rob Ponn, operations manager for Yellowstone Landscape, No. 4 on the 2023 LM150 list, in Findlay, Ohio, used Greenzie autonomous mowing technology in 2023 and looks forward to the 3.0 software further enhancing the mower’s capabilities.

“I’m enthusiastic about the new Greenzie software and the customer service Greenzie provides is out of this world,” Ponn said. “Last year, we were able to trim a hospital campus field mow from a four-hour, forty-five-minute job down to two hours using the autonomous mower, cutting our time by more than half.”

Electrified for 2024 with Mean Green autonomous Vanquish

For 2024, in addition to the gas-powered Wright autonomous Stander ZK, Greenzie-powered robotic workers will be available on an all-electric mowing platform, the Mean Green autonomous Vanquish.

The all-electric Mean Green autonomous Vanquish features include:

  • Fully integrated drive-by-wire capabilities ensure precise control of deck height.
  • Blade-load speed control helps maintain a high-quality cut, even in thick grass.
  • An advanced IR stereo depth perception system enables safe autonomous operation day or night.
  • The in-vehicle, fanless computer is designed for operation in rough terrain.
  • Dual GNSS fused visual odometry ensures reliable operation in open sky and tree coverage.
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