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If you’re like me, you’re glad to see November roll around every year. For those of us not in the south, our busy season is at last winding down and we finally get to catch our breath. In Ohio, where I live, the weather is usually mild enough to still enjoy some time outdoors. And then there’s Thanksgiving, hands-down the best day of eating all year. 

Turkey, mashed potatoes and cherry pie aside, Thanksgiving is about showing gratitude for what you have. For business owners, it’s also a great time to take stock of how you’re saying thanks to all the people your company relies on for success.  

 Show your appreciation to your clients 

No matter how good you think your product or service is, your clients always have other options. In every interaction you have with them, show them you appreciate that they’ve chosen you, and train your staff to do the same. 

Remember to actually say thank you, whether it’s at the end of a phone call, an email or an invoice. It’s such a small thing, but I’m continually amazed by how many businesses fail to do this. Run a list off of your clients and their addresses and work methodically through it, day by day and name by name, to send a handwritten thank-you note to each one of them. 

For your best clients, consider holding an event just for them. Every winter aGrunder Landscaping, we invite our top customers to join us for a reception and performance at the theater downtown. The night is fun and absolutely, completely solicitation-free. Yes, this can be an expensive undertaking, but we see it as an investment that pays back in repeat business and referrals over and over again. 

Show your appreciation to your team 

Just as with your clients, show your team your appreciation in every interaction you have. I’m not saying you have to profusely thank them every day for everything they do, but always treat them with respect and professionalism. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t take it out on them. Smile and say hello when you see them. Often, smallbusiness owners get so distracted by all the balls we’re juggling that we forget the effect our demeanor can have on our teams. 

Send thank-you notes to your team members for a job well donesurprise them with bagels and doughnuts for breakfast, celebrate their personal milestones and work anniversaries. Call out those who go above and beyond. Remember they have lives outside of work, too, and refrain from pinging them incessantly with emails and texts on their off hours — this too is a way of showing you appreciate and respect them. 

Before you dig into the turkey this month, take some time to show your clients and team you’re thankful for them. 

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Marty Grunder is president and CEO of Grunder Landscaping Co. and The Grow Group, based in Dayton, Ohio.

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