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Grow with Grunder: Start the new year with your win-back list

January 6, 2020 -  By
Video Still: Marty Grunder

Marty Grunder shares details about creating a win-back list. Here’s how you can win back some of your business that you may have lost.

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Transcription below.

“Well good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever the case may be, this is Marty Grunder for Landscape Management magazine.

Hey listen — one of the things we do at Grunder Landscaping is we have a win-back list, and those are lists of clients that used to work with us but for whatever reason, (they) don’t anymore.

It’s one of my responsibilities as a director of business development in Grunder Landscaping to call on those people and try to get them to come back and do business with us.

Some of them left because they weren’t happy with our service, I’ll be honest with you. So it’s a difficult, fragile situation. We have to go back, you have to admit you’re at fault, you have to try to reestablish the relationship and you have to try to win their business back.

It can be very, very effective and, if nothing else, if you lost someone’s business for whatever reason (they said your price was too high, your service wasn’t good enough, they want to do it themselves) whatever it is — only good things can come from you going back, trying to win that business back.

So what’s the process you’re going to use? How are you going to do that? A little bit of common sense can go a long way folks. It can be just something as simple as calling them back and asking if you can come over and walk their property and talk with them about possibly coming back to work with them.

What are you going to make a commitment to in 2020 to reinvent that in your company? How are you going to get better? Maybe a win-back list could be in your cards. Have a great day.”

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