Grow with Grunder: Stay above the turbulence 

Photo: BeyondImages /iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images
Photo: BeyondImages /iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images
Photo: BeyondImages /iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images
Photo: BeyondImages /iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

I know from my work at The Grow Group, coaching and consulting with landscaping companies around the country, that there has been a wide range of responses to the coronavirus. Some areas and businesses have scarcely been impacted at all, while others have had to cease operating altogether.

At Grunder Landscaping Co., we did not send any crews out last week, in compliance with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s stay-at-home order. Over the weekend, we learned that, through NALP’s advocacy efforts, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had placed landscapers on the critical workforce list, essentially giving us federal approval to do maintenance work. This was truly great news for those of us who had closed down or who were operating in a gray area, unsure of whether our work was considered essential or not.

This week our crews at GLC will head back out, armed with two documents in every truck: one a laminated copy of the DHS order and the other our own letter, on our letterhead, detailing why we’re back out working and the protocols we’re strictly adhering to in order to keep our team and community safe. No matter where you’re operating in the country, I encourage you to do the same. Better to be prepared if your team is questioned than to have the local police or a client or neighbor think you don’t care about the health and safety of your team and community. People will remember for a long time how your company responded to this unprecedented situation. Take the time and care now to get on the right side of it.

Obviously, we are all contending with a lot of uncertainty right now, with every day bringing new updates and often new challenges. That makes staying positive especially important now. But, I’ve heard from and spoken with so many green industry leaders in the last couple weeks, and they are all optimistic about the future. When I’ve been frustrated about having to shut down, their words have lifted me up and reminded me, again and again, how important your outlook is if you want to keep winning at business.

To ensure this positivity stays top of mind, my general manager at GLC and I have started a new ritual: At day’s end, we share with each other two good things that happened in the last 24 hours. And I’m doing the same with some of the company owners I work with at The Grow Group. It’s a small act that only takes a couple minutes or a few texts, but it’s done a lot to help me get above the turbulence and to stay there.

Work hard, stay safe and soar high! And if we can be of any help to you at The Grow Group, let us know. The best way to reach us is by email at grow@growgroupinc.com.

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