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Grow with Grunder: Use teamwork to solve challenges

February 5, 2020 -  By
Video still: Marty Grunder

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Marty Grunder, president of Grunder Landscaping, is in New York with Linda Silich, founder and partner of Groundworks Landscaping. Grunder has been working with Silich and her team to develop the company’s 2020 strategic plan and found the biggest focus for the company this year is teamwork. Hear how Silich and Groundworks Landscaping plan to use teamwork to help the company grow in 2020.

(Video still: Marty Grunder)

Transcription below

Marty Grunder (MG): Well good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whatever the case may be this is Marty Grunder for Landscape Management magazine. Today I’m in New York, I’m with my friend and client, Linda from Groundworks, and Linda, the last couple days we were working with your team to get your strategic plan together for 2020. We’ve read a book together on teamwork — what challenges do you have from the perspective of teamwork, what are we trying to do here?

Linda Silich (LS): Well I think the most important thing is for all of us to be on the same page and grow in the same direction … understanding how we are and how we interact with one another and also you know just really honing in on our internal behaviors as well as understanding some of our shortfalls and improving on them and then being a better person.

MG: Right. Today I shared with you some of my key failings as a leader and I mentioned to you that at any time during my leadership career, when things work out best is when I realized I was the one that had a big role in this failure and we could learn to get better from that. How did that resonate with you and the team?

LS: I think everybody agreed and understood that if we all take ownership and responsibility for some of our shortcomings or you know, we just really understand what we’re doing as a goal and as a team to get a project implemented and to be successful as a company.

MG: So whether you are liking the results you’re getting or you’re not liking it, you’re probably the reason for that. You’re either doing something or not doing something that’s getting you those results. Have an open mindset and look at that. Linda thanks for having us.

LS: My pleasure, thank you.

MG: Have a great day everyone.


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