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Grow with Grunder: Why one-on-one meetings are important

June 22, 2021 -  By

We often get so busy that we believe we don’t have time to slow down and empower someone else to do a task, but over the years my team at Grunder Landscaping Co. has realized that the opposite is actually true. We should always be empowering others in our organization and developing new leaders in the process.

(Photo: AzmanL / E+/ Getty Images)

(Photo: AzmanL / E+/ Getty Images)

When a team member doesn’t work out, there’s often more we could’ve done to keep them. One-on-one meetings are one of the critical tools all companies should be using to make sure talented team members are getting the support, time and direction they need to be successful in their role.

One-on-ones give your direct reports a dedicated time to bring any questions, problems they need help with, or successes they want to celebrate. These meetings help both you and your team members stay focused during the week and avoid constant interruptions.

To have successful one-on-ones, I recommend following these best practices:

  1. Set up a reoccurring meeting at the same time every week and don’t cancel it. Stick to the schedule you set so that it’s predictable for both you and your team. Our ACE Peer Group facilitator Jim Cali has drilled this into our heads.
  2. Let your direct report have access to you during this time. This is their time and make sure you don’t always dominate the conversation.
  3. Find a private place. One-on-ones should be done in an office or conference room with a closed door.
  4. Remind your team to save items for the meeting. If you’re interrupted during the week with something that isn’t truly urgent, it’s ok to remind your team to save it for later. Try saying something like “That’s a great question. Why don’t we use some time at our next one-on-one to talk about it?”

One-on-ones are a powerful tool for leaders to keep their team engaged and effectively manage their time. If you aren’t already doing one-on-ones, get them on your calendar starting this week. If you usually do one-on-ones but have let them slide this busy season, work more diligently to get back on track.

We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events. In the meantime, if you have any questions you can always reach my team at

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Marty Grunder is president and CEO of Grunder Landscaping Co. and The Grow Group, based in Dayton, Ohio.

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