Handheld equipment: Which do you use and why?

Husqvarna recently added two new products to its 500 Series: the 525L Trimmer (pictured) and the 525HF3S Hedge Trimmer.

Jason Nugent
Owner, Adamah Landscape Services
Raeford, N.C.
“I prefer Stihl everything on my trailer. It has 
the power and reliability I need, whether it’s 
a trimmer, edger, blower or saw. I think their equipment represents a great value for the price, given how long it will stand up to heavy use.”

Kevin Beland
Owner, iLawn
Gainesville, Fla.
“I use Echo mostly. I have an Echo SRM-210SB hedger and a PB-260L backpack blower, a SRM-261T trimmer, a PE-280 for edging and 
a CS-310 chainsaw. What I like most about these products is how long they last without needing to be replaced for brand new ones. I’ve never had any major issues or repairs besides just general tune-ups every now and then.”

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