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Harvest Landscape Enterprises celebrates women in landscape

August 26, 2020 -  By

Harvest Landscape's Sierra Schinhofen, Amanda Gray, and Christy Babbitt. (Photo: Harvest Landscape Enterprises)

Harvest Landscape’s Sierra Schinhofen, Amanda Gray, and Christy Babbitt. (Photo: Harvest Landscape Enterprises)

Harvest Landscape Enterprises celebrates diversity during Women’s Equality Week and shares the stories of Harvest’s Women In Landscape.

“I believe strongly that employees are the most vital assets of every company. The recipe is simple, take care of your employees and they will take care of the rest,” Steven Schinhofen, CEO, who founded Harvest Landscape Enterprises in 2003. “I pride myself and my team in hiring the right person to do the job. We are a diverse company and are proud to celebrate our women in landscape, today and every day.”

Harvest Landscape employs nearly 25 women in working in field operations, fleet management, safety, and sales and marketing.

Elisa Martin (Photo: Harvest Landscape Enterprises)

Elisa Martin
(Photo: Harvest Landscape Enterprises)

“I love being a female in the landscape industry, especially here at Harvest Landscape,” said Amanda Gray, vice president of marketing. “Steven Schinhofen is a fair and innovative leader, he is passionate about people and has created an environment that embraces diversity. Our employees have the greatest influence over our client relationships, we take pride in providing and encouraging new ideas for internal and external growth, not just for women, but for everyone.”

Yenni Martinez (Photo: Harvest Landscape Enterprises)

Yenni Martinez
(Photo: Harvest Landscape Enterprises)

Elisa Martin is a landscape technician who found her way to Harvest Landscape through a friend’s Facebook post.

“I had the privilege to go to school and get a degree, but I wanted to appreciate the hard labor that Latinos do every day,” she said. “As a Latino woman, it’s cool to be able to challenge myself. I like being able to keep up with guys.”

The team at Harvest Landscape adheres strongly to “The Harvest Way.” These core principles value honesty, integrity, teamwork, stewardship, innovation and advancement. Yenni Martinez is a safety coordinator who started as a landscape technician in the field five years ago.

“I like to stay active and help others. I’m always on the move and facing new challenges,” said Martinez. “The best part is being around new environments. Working in a male-dominated industry can be a challenge, however, I have learned to be assertive, speak with confidence and to be a person of value. I believe in myself and my work!”

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