Haven Technologies unveils ISOtunes PRO

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Haven TechnologiesHaven Technologies, a manufacturer of safety products, unveiled the ISOtunes PRO, Bluetooth earplugs designed for the workplace.

The manufacturer calls the product, which is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, “hearing protection employees want to wear.”

ISOtunes PRO features a 27-dB noise reduction rating and a 10-plus hour rechargeable battery. Its maximum volume is limited to 85 dB.

The ISOtunes PRO’s Bluetooth technology allows workers to connect wirelessly to their phones and stream entertainment while on the job, and its microphone suppresses background noise for clear phone calls, the company said.

Available in matte black and safety orange, ISOtunes PRO weighs 17 grams and is IPX4 sweat and splash proof.

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