Hendrix Progressive offers propane conversion kits

Photo: Hendrix Progressive
Photo: Hendrix Progressive

Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies is now offering propane conversion kits. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-certified kits are available for nine engines in three block sizes, commonly used on commercial mowers:

  • Kawasaki 852cc – FX-751V / FX-801V / FX850V
  • Kawasaki 726cc – FX730V / FX691V / FX651V
  • Kawasaki 603cc – FS481V / FS541V / FS600V

The kits are designed specifically for geographic elevations ranging from sea level to 2,500 feet and from 2,500 feet up to 5,000 feet to optimize engine performance for your location.

Each kit includes an installation manual with instruction on adjusting the engine idle and the fuel mixture to EPA performance specifications.

The idle fuel mixture adjustment is performed using an exhaust gas analyzer that measures the engines’ carbon monoxide (CO) levels.

Call 847-526-1700 for more information on the kits and training available for them.

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