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As another spring season draws near, now is a good time to consider filling the tank. Let me explain. If you were to begin a long road trip, would you want to start on empty or with a full tank of gas? The spring season is long and draining. It demands 110 percent of us, all the time. Going into this season on fumes is not a very smart thing to do. Unfortunately, many people in our industry come out of the winter without full tanks and have little energy or enthusiasm for the spring season even before it begins.

Even more importantly, we must periodically refill the tank during the spring season to maintain our energy, passion and positive attitude throughout what can otherwise be a difficult and exhausting season.

So, how do you fill the tank? What does this mean? The answer is different for each of us, as we’re each uniquely created with different personality types, interests, etc. In addition, our physical, emotional and relational situations are all unique.

The real question is this: “What drains your tank and what fills it up?” For most of us, this is an easy question to answer.

My tank is often filled up when I’m engaged in some physical activity—running, mountain biking, playing hockey, etc.—but not always. My tank also may be filled up by solitude and rest, staring into a fire and watching the hot embers glow late into the night, or sitting on a sand dune with my wife watching a Lake Michigan sunset. In addition, my tank may be filled up by tackling a project, especially if it involves creativity.

As you can see, there are many things that fill the tank for me. I also know very clearly what drains me. I am generally very aware of how full the tank is, and I strive to refill the tank before it gets too low. You see, once the tank drops below a certain level, I’m done. Avoiding these situations at all costs is a priority.

What about you? What fills your tank? What drains it? As you prepare for spring, have you thought about what you need to do to ensure you go into the season with a full tank? If you haven’t, it’s not too late. Answer the question and make a commitment to refill your tank, not only before the season hits, but throughout the season. You—and everyone you come in contact with—will be glad you did.

Now go forth.



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