High Performance: Finding the zone

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We’ve all heard the expression, “He or she is in the zone.”

When I think of someone in the zone, I think of a person who is optimizing their talents, intently focused on achieving something they’re passionate about.

When I’m writing in the zone, my words flow like a river out of my mind and onto the page. However, when I’m not in the zone, I find myself struggling to get my thoughts on paper. I’m frustrated, easily distracted and often postpone writing until there is a better time—a time when I can get in the zone, that is.

This is just one example. Since I have many passions, I have many zones.

I can be in the zone as a parent when I have my family all together. I can be in the zone speaking to a group of people about something I care about. I can be in the zone running, playing hockey or just working out at the gym. So, what does being “in the zone” mean to you?

Since we are more productive when we’re in the zone, it makes sense that we should proactively attempt to get in the zone more often. The problem is that it’s difficult to find the zone in the midst of our daily lives.

A person living with intention will create the zone and step into it with confidence, whereas most people simply get lucky once in a while and fall into the zone.

I want to be in the zone more often than not. How about you?

Now go forth.

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