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High Performance: Hey buddy, do you want to race?

February 14, 2018 -  By


When I was younger, I’d race anyone, anytime, for any reason. I’d race on foot, on the ice, on my bike and in my car. I may or may not have been pulled over by the authorities for racing. If you asked me to race, you should have been ready to hit the gas. I still have a bit of that in me, but the need to win is slowly being replaced by the need to keep moving. My ice hockey league has refs and a scorekeeper, but honestly, we just are happy to be on the ice. Win or lose, we got what we came for as soon as we stepped onto the ice.

In the spirit of keeping the blood flowing, I committed to a series of running races in 2018. One of my goals for 2018 was to get back into running. I researched these races, made travel plans and added everything to my calendar. I bought a treadmill and quit the gym so I could run more often and at my convenience. I’m 100 percent confident that I’m actually going to run these races in 2018. They are not just a hope and a prayer. And, like my hockey career at this stage in my life, it has nothing to do with the score.

So many of us have things we want to accomplish in 2018. It’s already February. Spring will be here soon. What steps have you taken to activate your plans? Have you done your research? Have you made commitments in your calendar? Have you put your money where your mouth is and made a purchase, placed a deposit or hired a key person? If you think your goals will become a reality without your lifting a finger, you’re kidding yourself.

Before the year progresses too much further, revisit your goals for 2018. For each goal, decide what the very next baby step is to move it forward. Write this down, add it to your calendar and make it happen. Schedule an appointment with yourself to review your goals once a month. Each time you do so, identify the next step, add it to your calendar and make it happen.

We often think there is some secret to success. The secret is that there is no secret. Success comes when you articulate your goals and then attack them. Think about it. If you accomplish your goals, how will your life not be successful?

I’m going to race in 2018. What are you going to do?

Now go forth.


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Harwood is a Managing Partner with GrowTheBench and Pro-Motion Consulting. Reach him at He is a Landscape Industry Certified Manager, NALP Trailblazer, NALP Consultant, and Certified Snow Professional. Harwood holds a BA in Marketing and Executive MBA with Honors from Michigan State University.

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