High Performance: Time to celebrate


Celebrate_webJune is a great month to hit the pause button and celebrate. We should celebrate our achievements from the spring season, even if they’re few and far between. Surely there has been some level of achievement that deserves to be recognized and celebrated. Maybe not every goal was met, but we can still take time to acknowledge those that were achieved. If nothing else, we can celebrate the passing of another spring and one more notch on the belt of experience.

Celebrations may be done on an individual basis. Think about what personally achieved this spring that deserves to be acknowledged. What would be an appropriate way to celebrate? Perhaps a nice dinner with someone special or a day at the ballpark with your family would be the perfect way to celebrate. You decide.

If you’re a supervisor, what did your team accomplish this spring? How can you celebrate them? In my experience, personally recognizing individual achievements in front of one’s peers is a powerful way to reward people. Of course, if the achievement deserves more than this, it’s incumbent on you to provide an appropriate reward.

If you’re an owner or manager, what did your company or department achieve this spring? What would be an appropriate way to celebrate? I’ve seen a myriad of different types of celebrations, from cookouts to trips. The only limitations are our budgets and imagination.

The point here is to do something. The failure of management to recognize and celebrate achievements, whether individual or team-based, has serious negative consequences. Before summer gets too long in the tooth, hit the pause button and celebrate. You and your people will be glad you did.

Now go forth.

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Phil Harwood

Phil Harwood is a Senior Advisor with Tamarisk Business Advisors. Contact him at phil.harwood@tamariskadvisors.com.

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