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High Performance: Time to execute

January 11, 2016 -  By

As much as I love the holiday season, I also love getting refocused on all things business after the first of the year. For me, January is a time to execute. No more time for planning; that was done last fall. Plans are in place, budgets are set, and everyone knows what to do. Now is the time to get stuff done—make things happen. It’s time to execute.

Now, let’s get real. Am I 100 percent ready to execute? No, but I’m 99 percent ready. How about you? I know that many companies are 100 percent NOT ready. For whatever reason, they are just now beginning to think about their plans for 2016. By the time they have their plans in place, they’ve lost the first part of the year. As we all know, once you fall behind, it’s hard to catch up. Nobody likes being a lap down, especially at the beginning of the race.

So, if you aren’t ready to execute because your plan hasn’t yet been developed, it’s not too late. For you, it’s time to get busy creating your plan and rolling it out as quickly as possible. Your people need to have a clear understanding of what the objectives are so they can perform accordingly. If they don’t, work becomes mundane and meaningless. This is on you as their leader. Own it and get moving.

After the spring rush, it will be time to begin developing your plan for 2017. Knowing this, LM and Pro-Motion Consulting are partnering to bring you two unique opportunities to help you with developing your plan.

Gro-Motion 2016 is being held August 8-10, 2016 in Ohio’s Amish country at a state-of-the-art conference center. This event’s educational focus is centered on the strategic planning process, during which you will be able to lay the foundation for your 2017 plan.

In addition, we have a 3-part webinar series planned for September, 2016, titled, “Creating Your Future: Best Practices for the Development, Execution, and Renewal of Your Strategic Plan.” More information regarding these opportunities will be forthcoming.

For now, let’s get busy. It’s time to execute.

Now go forth.

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Phil Harwood

About the Author:

Harwood is a Managing Partner with GrowTheBench and Pro-Motion Consulting. Reach him at He is a Landscape Industry Certified Manager, NALP Trailblazer, NALP Consultant, and Certified Snow Professional. Harwood holds a BA in Marketing and Executive MBA with Honors from Michigan State University.

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