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Operating a snow removal business can be highly profitable if it snows. But, if it doesn’t, the service can slim your wallet. Adding to that, most snow removal software licensing don’t offer flexibility should it fail to snow. Typical licensing agreements either charge an up-front fee and/or monthly license fees snow removal contractors must pay, whether it snows or not.

For that reason, HindSite software introduced a new pricing structure in the form of a daily snow removal software licenses, allowing customers to choose between that or monthly.

Daily licenses are only charged when they are used during the month at $14.95 per day; monthly licenses, which HindSite only offered previously, are charged a flat rate each month.

“We talked a lot to snow removal professionals and one of their biggest complaints about snow removal software was how inflexible the pricing was,” said David Crary, president of the field service software company. “We added this pricing structure to be more flexible. We want (to) help them by assuming some of the risk a snow professional faces. We have made options available to be more sensitive to those who work for the weather, but cannot control it.”

HindSite also allows snow contractors to mix and match daily and monthly licenses, enabling them to purchase a daily license for trucks or employees they only use during major snow events.

“Some companies will find the monthly licenses are a better bet for their dollar because and they will be out on the roads a lot,” Crary said. “Other companies, who know they only get hit a few times a year with snow, are better off with a daily license. It allows our customers to still get the benefits of HindSite, without being deterred due to price. We want everyone to have the option of HindSite, no matter their circumstances.”

For more information, contact Gabriel Seymour at 888-271-4076 or gabriels@hindsitesoftware.com.

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