Holganix launches line featuring Foliar-Pak’s Armament Technology

Holganix launched its new PB1 product line, which features Foliar-Pak’s Armament Technology. The line was previously only available in select markets. Due to market demand, Holganix is rolling it out across the U.S.

Holganix PB1 products are targeted plant probiotics that optimize nutrient efficiency, enhance color response and promote plant resilience. The Holganix PB1 product line consists of Holganix PB1 2-0-0 and Holganix PB1 LTO 4-0-2. Foliar-Pak’s Armament Technology, manufactured by EnP, functions as a nutrient enhancer, optimizing nutrient efficiency and assisting in nutrient uptake by the plant. Studies of Armament Technology show a 20 percent increase in nutrient efficiency when used in combination with fertilizers, Holganix says.

PB1 products function as bio accelerators when used in combination with Holganix Bio 800+ refrigerated products or as a standalone probiotic solution for landscape professionals who value the convenience of using low-volume spray equipment and the lack of refrigeration.

Ingredients in PB1 products include four-plus species of beneficial microorganisms, amino acids and Armament Technology.

“We are excited to be offering PB1 2-0-0 and PB1 LTO 4-0-2 to the wider U.S. market,” states Barrett Ersek, Holganix CEO and founder. “By combining targeted microorganisms with Foliar-Pak’s Armament Technology, we’ve been able to build a product line that not only enhances plant performance but is also designed to be convenient to apply and store.”

PB1 products are packaged in 2.5-gallon jugs, 55-gallon drums and 250-gallon totes.


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