Holganix partners with Pearl Valley to create new fertilizer

April 1, 2015 -  By

Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow contains Holganix’s living microbiology and Healthy Grow’s organic matter.

Holganix partnered with Illinois-based Pearl Valley Farms and its Healthy Grow fertilizer to produce an organic-based granular fertilizer called Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow.

According to Holganix, Healthy Grow, combined with Holganix’s living microbiology, provides organic matter that supplies plants with balanced fertility.

“Ultimately, the organic matter contains rich carbon sources, which act as a food source for the microorganisms,” says Dr. Neidermyer, Holganix’s director of plant and soil science. “This allows the microbes to convert nitrogen and other nutrients locked in organic matter and elsewhere in the soil, to plant-useable forms.”

The organic matter in the new fertilizer allows users to decrease synthetic inputs by more than 50 percent, says the company, while also maintaining a healthy green color. In addition, the organic matter and microbiology help the plant combat against hazardous weather conditions, like droughts or frost.

Photo: Holganix

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