Holganix rebrands product line as Holganix Bio 800+

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Bio-800+-DefinitionHolganix is rebranding its refrigerated plant probiotics as Holganix Bio 800+.

Holganix Bio 800+ contains more than 800 species of beneficial, living microorganisms.

“We feel that by rebranding our product line as Holganix Bio 800+, we are better illustrating what makes the product line unique—the diversity and quantity of microorganisms present,” said Holganix CEO Barrett Ersek.

Holganix Bio 800+ uses the 800 species of microorganisms to increase the plant’s tolerance of stress from weather, traffic, diseases and insects; stimulate healthy foliage and root growth; reduce inputs including fertilizer, pesticides and water; and more.

“When it comes to microbial products, the microbe count is important, yet diversity can be even more crucial,” said Holganix’s Director of Plant and Soil Science Robert Neidermyer, Ph.D. “By having a product filled with a diversity of life, the soil and plant is prepared for whatever hurdle it needs to face. Just as a car can’t be fixed with a single screwdriver, Holganix Bio 800+ is an entire toolbox of microbes adept to handle numerous problems.”

Holganix Bio 800+ is field and university tested with more than 70 studies across America, 100 percent organic and DNA fingerprinted, said Holganix.

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