Honda introduces robotic lawn mower Miimo

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Honda introduced Miimo, the company’s first robotic lawn mower for use in the U.S.

“Honda Power Equipment’s Miimo lawn mower delivers a beautiful lawn without homeowners having to physically cut their grass,” said Michael Rudolph, vice president of Honda Power Equipment. “For customers who want to be on the cutting edge of technology, have busy lifestyles and don’t have the time for lawn care, or for customers who don’t enjoy cutting the grass, Miimo is the high-tech approach to achieving a beautiful yard.”

Honda is releasing two Miimo models, the HRM 310 and the HRM 520. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the Honda Miimo is self-charging. It’s constantly monitoring its own battery level and returns to its dock when it falls below 30 percent. The HRM 310 model, which can cut up to a half-acre yard, has a 22.0-V, 1.8-Ah battery that mows for 30 minutes on a single charge, which takes 30 minutes. The HRM 520, which can cut a maximum of 0.75 acres, has a 22.2-V, 3.6-Ah battery that can mow for 60 minutes on a single charge, which takes 60 minutes.

Both models operate within a boundary wire, which must be installed by Honda Power Equipment dealers and goes underground or aboveground. The boundary keeps the machine within the cutting area and away from obstacles. In an effort to decrease overall cut time, the machine is designed with a sweeping forward, rather than having to reverse as it detects an obstacle in its foreground, the company said.

Within the boundary wires, the machines will cut using three cutting modes: random, directional or mixed. The company suggests using random for mowing large, open areas of grass and directional for narrow areas. Mixed is a combination of the random and directional pattern. Miimo also offers two additional modes: spiral, which concentrates on areas where growth speed may be faster than other parts of the lawn, and edge, which concentrates on the edges first. 

The robotic mowers feature independent 360-degree sensors and a floating cover that detect solid contacts between the unit and any obstacles. Once the sensor is activated, the mower stops, helping it avoid humans, pets and other obstacles, and moves in a different direction. The machines are also equipped with an antitheft protection that sounds an alarm and disengages operation when lifted from the ground. It will only re-engage operation if an antitheft code is entered.

The two Honda Miimo robotic mower models will be available in June at select Honda Power Equipment dealerships nationwide, except in California.  A Honda Power Equipment authorized Miimo dealer will install the boundary wire and docking station at the customer’s home after purchase.

The HRM 310 model costs $2,499, and the HRM 520 model costs $2,799. Both Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower models are sold with a standard, two-year warranty.

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