Honda: Miimo robotic lawn mower

August 31, 2017 -  By
Honda Miimo

Photo: Honda

The Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower uses a microcomputer, timer and sensors to provide automated, unattended grass cutting within a defined lawn area. Honda’s lithium-ion, battery-powered robotic mower delivers quiet operation, recharges quickly and offers three different programmable cutting patterns with a programmable timer setting for easy, beautiful lawn care.

Two available Miimo models — HRM 310 and HRM 520 — maintain lawns for consumer and commercial applications with a continuous cutting system. Both mowers operate within a boundary wire, installed by Honda Power Equipment dealers underground or on top of the ground around the perimeter of the area to be mowed, and a combination of controls, timers and real-time sensory feedback.

More information about the Honda Miimo is available via

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