Horizon Distributors: TurfGro Plus 6-20-10 ProStarter with Detonation

Photo: Horizon Distributors
Photo: Horizon Distributors

The new TurfGro Plus with Detonation WORKS BETTER AT A LOWER COST!  Detonation™ is a microbial package that introduces mycorrhizae and bacteria to improve biological activity in the soil.  Detonation is sprayed ON EVERY PRILL, which means the entire bag of fertilizer provides nutrition to the soil.

  • Improved water efficiency (uses less water)
  • Improved nutrient efficiency (apply 25% less fertilizer)
  • Reduced leaching & volatilization (lasts longer – 6 weeks instead of 4)
  • Fewer apps (less labor, more profit)
  • Just in time for Fall Seed & Planting

Want to learn more?  Complete product description here, or drop by one of our 70 locations nationwide.

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