Housecall Pro adds artificial intelligence assistant

The AI Team on the platform allows users to “hire” AI-enabled specialist roles, including a business coach, analyst, customer service representative, marketer and product assistant.

Housecall Pro, a cloud-based software solution helping home service pros manage and grow their businesses, has now made the AI Team available within the platform. With the introduction of the AI Team to the platform, users will be able to “hire” AI-enabled specialist roles, including a business coach, analyst, customer service representative, marketer and product assistant.

The artificial intelligence will allow users to offload busywork, streamline operational tasks, discover new opportunities to grow and gain time back for high-value work. AI Team members will become available to existing customers directly through their account settings on the Housecall Pro desktop platform.

“Home service company owners often wear multiple hats and are deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of their business with little time to truly work on their businesses,” said Ian Heidt, president and co-founder of Housecall Pro. “With the launch of the AI Team, we aim to alleviate these burdens for business owners. AI Team members empower business owners to focus on strategic growth by handling many operational tasks. When home service pros are stretched too thin, they can trust the AI Team to help them make critical business decisions faster and with fewer disruptions or mistakes.”

The AI Team supports home service pros by:

  • Providing business advice and help with decision-making.
  • Simplifying data and making reporting easy to understand.
  • Creating campaigns that increase leads and grow customers.
  • Answering calls and scheduling appointments when Pros are unavailable.
  • Offering expert insight on how to use Housecall Pro to its fullest.

“What’s unique about the AI Team is that home service pros can call on and customize the assistance of team members as needed. While in use they serve as trusted advisors, will make proactive suggestions, and, ultimately, take actions on behalf of the Pro in the Housecall Pro platform,” said Heidt. “If the customer service rep has grabbed a voicemail, it can create a customer and job for the Pro without the Pro having to listen to the call. The analyst AI Team member monitors cash flow and simplifies financial information so home service pros can quickly see a full picture of their business, allowing them to make critical, data-based decisions on the go. The coach provides proven business guidance on problem-solving or advising on things such as when it’s time to expand the team.”

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