How to make today a contributor to exceeding your sales goals

Photo: Misha Shutkevych / iStock / Getty Images /Getty Images Plus
Photo: Misha Shutkevych / iStock / Getty Images /Getty Images Plus

Whenever I start working with a sales team who wants to crush their sales goals, we talk about the importance of what we do today. Whether the outreach activity is cold calling, door knocking, online advertising, tradeshows or networking — the activities we do today matter.  

That’s because there is no way to make up tomorrow what you didn’t do today — we can only ever give 100 percent.

Salespeople who succeed are the ones who understand they need to work consistently at selling and daily behaviors over the long term are always better than bursts of activities in the short term. 

By finding a daily rhythm of sales behaviors, you can refine your techniques and you and your team can reach your activity goals and realize results.

Qualities of a good sales team

The best salespeople meticulously track their results over time. They leverage technology like a CRM to know exactly how many calls they make each day, how many emails they send each week and how many proposals they send each month. Then they can look back and view how their sales efforts translated into sales contracts. 

This gives them poof and confidence that their behaviors are moving the needle, and it pays to do them daily.

If your sales could use a boost, then it probably means that you could improve your daily activities. 

The great news is that today matters. 

It’s not too late to make today a contributor to exceeding your sales goals. So what activity can you do right now to accomplish your dream? 

Whatever it is, go get it!

Neal Glatt

Neal Glatt

Neal Glatt is a green industry sales coach and Managing Partner of GrowTheBench.com. Contact him at Neal@GrowTheBench.com.

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