Hunter Industries acquires Hydrawise

May 11, 2016 -  By

Hunter Industries acquired Hydrawise, a manufacturer of Wi-Fi-based irrigation controllers and web-based software. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

This acquisition allows Hunter to enter the Wi-Fi enabled controller market with its new HC irrigation controller, the company said. The HC controller offers internet accessibility, enabling contractors to manage sites from anywhere.

“We’re excited about bringing this technology to professionals and end users around the world,” said Greg Hunter, president of Hunter Industries. “This fills an important niche and helps our contractor customers efficiently manage all their sites remotely. It also allows their customer, the homeowner, an easy way to operate their own system.”

The HC controller offers easy configuration using a standard web browser or smart device app. All that’s needed is a wireless password. With the HC controller, users can select a local weather station and set watering triggers for predictive watering adjustments. With a wireless password, users can configure the device from a standard web browser or smart device app.

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