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Hunter Industries: PCM-1600-KIT and PC-DM-KIT

July 21, 2020 -  By
Photo: Hunter Industries

Photo: Hunter Industries

Hunter is proud to introduce two new kits designed to expand the capabilities of the Pro-C controller. The kits allow users to easily expand station counts and bring the power of two-wire technology to residential or small commercial projects. The PCM-1600-KIT enables control for up to 23 conventional stations. If users need to expand the system, they don’t have to replace the controller to add more zones.

The PC-DM-KIT includes a PC-DM decoder output module for use with EZ-1 decoders. Plug the PC-DM into a PC-400 to enable up to 32 total stations (+P/MV) on a single pair of wires. The higher station counts provided by these kits make the Pro-C controller a flexible and affordable fit for residential and light commercial projects. The kits are compatible with modular PC-400 models manufactured since February 2020.

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