Hunter Industries unveils new Wi-Fi-based controller

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image-hunter-controllerHunter Industries unveiled the new Wi-Fi-based Pro-HC controller, built to work with its Hydrawise web-based software.

The Pro-HC controller offers contractors a rugged enclosure and internet accessibility, allowing them to manage all their sites from anywhere, any time, the manufacturer says. The Pro-HC is offered in either six-, 12- or 24-station fixed indoor and outdoor units. It also has a dedicated master valve to help prevent water loss and supports Hunter’s pump start relay.

“The New Pro-HC Controller is expanding our range of products to suit both contractors and homeowners,” said Greg Hunter, president of Hunter Industries. “We’re excited about this technology and helping our contractor customers efficiently manage all of their sites remotely. It also allows their customer, the homeowner, an easy way to operate their own system.”

The Pro-HC comes with large terminal strips for easy installation of solenoid wiring. Among the Pro-HC’s many attractive features is Hydrawise Predictive Watering, which adjusts schedules based on forecast temperature, rainfall probability, wind and humidity. The Pro-HC allows users to select a local weather station and set watering triggers for predictive watering adjustments.

Predictive watering provides significant water savings to keep any landscape healthy and beautiful, the company says. Monitoring water use and the state of the piping system can be done with the optional flow meter. The Hydrawise software also allows for automatic notifications to alert users of broken pipes or sprinklers. Configuration of the Pro-HC can be done with a standard web browser or the Hydrawise app using a wireless password.

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