Husqvarna 500 Professional Handheld Series

March 22, 2016 -  By

Photo: Husqvarna

The 500 Professional Handheld Series features two new brushcutters, two new trimmers and a new extended hedge trimmer as a part of Husqvarna’s family of 25cc 500 series high performance equipment designed for the professional landscaper. The 525L and 525LS Professional Trimmers are equipped with Husqvarna’s X-TorqTM engine technology which is designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and also improve overall performance and offer the durability that a professional expects. The 525RX and 525RJX Professional Brushcutters deliver durability, performance and adaptability features. For instance, the 525RX comes with an ergonomically designed harness and adjustable bicycle style handle providing a pleasant grip and comfortable working position. The 525RJX comes with a loop handle and blade kit for easy conversion from trimming to clearing. The 525HF3S has the heaviest-duty gearbox of any Husqvarna hedge trimmer, and its fixed blade system, in the center of the shaft, is easier to control when sculpturing.

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