Husqvarna introduces new mowers, accessories

November 3, 2020 -  By
(Photo: Husqvarna)

(Photo: Husqvarna)

Husqvarna added several new products designed for landscape and tree care professionals.

These new products were unveiled during the second day of Husqvarna’s first Virtual Vault Tour.

“At Husqvarna, we are focused on continuing to produce and provide solutions that make the work of professionals faster, safer, more efficient and more sustainable overall,” said Robert McCutcheon, president of Husqvarna North America. “We firmly believe that buying a Husqvarna product is more than buying a tool. It’s a commitment to a long-term relationship with a trusted partner. Therefore, we aim to provide only the best quality products to meet and exceed the high expectations of our professional users and, while also supporting those products with expert care from certified dealers from coast to coast.”

Husqvarna launched new zero-turn and walk-behind mowers, and innovative walk-behind and handheld battery solutions:

  • The New Z400XS Zero-Turn Mower series is Husqvarna’s premium version of the entry-level Z400 series. It has the same construction as the Z400s, but with improvements and increased comfort through a newly developed suspension seat and transmission, as well as engine upgrade and second gas tank. (MSRP: $8,999, Promo $7,899)
  • The New Z500L Zero-Turn Mower series is Husqvarna’s commercial-grade, zero-turn equipped with improved heavy-duty construction, new transmission and a new engine. (MSRP: $10,699.99 – 11,099.99)
  • The W520 Gas-Powered and W520i Battery-Powered Walk-Behind Mower models are designed for heavy-duty commercial use and are self-propelled from the rear wheels. Both offer a one-touch height adjustment mechanism. The W520i can be connected to the Husqvarna Bli950x backpack battery for longer cutting operation. (MSRP: $1,199.99)
  • The 525HE3 (MSRP: $499.99) and 525HE4 Hedge Trimmer (MSRP: $549.99) models are designed for landscape maintenance that requires added reach. Both are equipped with the newly redesigned articulating mechanism and X-Torq engine. Other features on these new hedge trimmers models include adjustable cutting bar articulates, new engines and new starters for minimal effort.
  • The 535iFR Brush Cutter (MSRP: $599.99) is a bike-handled, three-in-one trimmer equipped with the T35 trimmer head, brush blade and clearing saw blade with guard used for ground clearing and removal of smaller-in-diameter trees, wood and brush. Other features include a 35-cc-equivalent commercial cutting performance with a battery-powered brushless motor, and it is IPX4 classified. This specific brush cutter model also has a new, intelligent user interface and Bluetooth, Husqvarna Fleet Services and Husqvarna Connect application capabilities.

Technology innovations launched include:

  • Automower Solar Solution (MSRP: Starting at $1,999) allows for Automower robotic lawn mowers to be installed completely off-grid and is equipped with dual outputs that can power two Automower robotic mowers at once or one Automower robotic mower and an EPOS Reference Station at once. Other features include a frame design that incorporates an electrical cabinet and solar panel together for increased stability, an expandable battery capacity if needed and a lockable electrical cabinet.
  • Husqvarna’s EPOS Technology is a high-precision satellite-based navigation system for the new series of professional Husqvarna Automower robotic lawn mowers, enabling mowing with virtual boundaries. Thirty-five units are currently being demonstrated at 15 locations around the country. This navigation system delivers accuracy down to an inch and is used to create virtual boundaries for professional robotic mowers. There will be two models carrying Husqvarna EPOS technology in late 2021, Husqvarna Automower 550 EPOS and 550H EPOS (MSRP: Starting at $4999). One unit for lower cut heights and one for cut heights up to 3.6 inches.
  • Husqvarna will also launch Husqvarna Fleet Services a web platform designed to provide professional customers the opportunity to improve business operations with access to productivity insights across their entire fleet of outdoor power equipment. The Husqvarna Fleet Services Machine Sensor will allow professionals to track equipment that is out in the field, keep a log of service and maintenance needs and pinpoint exactly when and how long each piece of equipment was in operation at any given time. Beyond the web platform, the mobile application will give users access to the most up-to-date location of the entire product fleet right from a smartphone or other handheld device.
  • Husqvarna Fleet Services platform offers a Carbon Footprint Calculator. This calculator uses the Husqvarna Fleet Services Machine Sensor and data from actual machine usage to estimate CO2 emissions for each specific machine.

Husqvarna also introduced several accessories:

  • Husqvarna’s new RapidReplace Trimmer Head (MSRP: $29.99) is designed to simplify the reloading process. This new design lets users align, load and twist line for faster reloading, without disassembling the head. It holds up to 22 feet of .095-inch trimmer line, for extended run times. This solution is suitable for all Husqvarna gas trimmers.
  • Striping Kits that attach to the bottom of the cutting deck or the back of the zero-turn, depending on the model, to create the striping effect are available only for the Z100, Z200, Z200F, Z400, Z400X, Z500, Z500L and Z500X models. (MSRP: $249.99 for Z100, Z200/Z200F) (MSRP: $149.99 for Z400, Z400X, Z500, Z500L and Z500X).
  • Bucket Holder and Grabber Mounts, designed specifically for zero turn mowers, are also new this year, consisting of a bucket holder that holds a 5-gallon bucket and a grabber mount to pick up debris, along with a bracket that attaches to hold a string trimmer. (MSRP: $99.99 for each)
  • Husqvarna’s Battery Power Sprayer features lithium-ion powered pumps, is easy to charge and includes a 25-inch stainless steel wand, along with three nozzles for versatile applications. The sprayer comes in a 2-gallon option (MSRP: $99.99) and a 4-gallon option (MSRP: $229.00).

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