Husqvarna updates portfolio, launches fleet service


Husqvarna is releasing an update to its portfolio at the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 18-20.

The line includes updates to wheeled, handheld, battery-powered and accessory products. The company is also launching its cloud-based Fleet Services system in early 2018, which connects lawn and tree care operators and their entire fleet of machines.

“As the masters of cutting, we are the only company that can equip your entire professional trailer as a one-brand solution,” said Jeff Dewosky, vice president and general manager at Husqvarna North America. “Wheeled, handheld, gas, battery and robotics—we now have the full portfolio to support commercial lawn and tree care professionals with products that are exceptionally well designed and provide high performance, easy serviceability, long-lasting durability.”

Fleet services

The company’s fleet service system, set to launch in 2018, connects directly to an online portal or mobile app via Bluetooth, enabling professionals to have insights into their operations at their fingertips. By mounting a small wireless machine sensor to an outdoor power product, Husqvarna Fleet Services captures machine status data, translating it into valuable information that can be used to help boost productivity and improve the bottom line.

Mower Segment

Husqvarna added its first-ever stand-on mower. Available in 48- or 54-inch commercial ClearCut deck, the V548 and V554 stand-on mowers feature drive systems designed to deliver long-lasting operation in any commercial application, the company said.

The company is also overhauling its zero-turn mower series, adding commercial hydro-walk mowers and rolling out a walk-behind mower. The company also launched a new line of commercial zero-turn mower blades featuring Fisher Barton’s laser edge cutting technology. The blades will be available for the M-ZT 52- to 61-inch decks and the 54- to 72-inch decks of the P-ZT, PZ, and the Z500 and Z500X series.


The company’s X-Cut SP33G low-vibration pixel saw chain is making its debut at GIE+EXPO. This new model of X-Cut chains are available for a limited selection of its 400 and 500 series saws. The company also recently introduced new 3/8 pitch X-Force laminated guide bars.

Zero-emission batteries

The company will also be showcasing its entire line of battery-powered products, including its 536 LiHE3 hedge trimmer. The products are powered by the company’s line of lithium-ion BLi100, BLi200 and BLi300 batteries, which replace the current models with faster-charging units in 100Wh, 200Wh and 300Wh, respectively.

Husqvarna is also adding two backpack batteries — 550Wh BLi550X and 950Wh BLi950X backpack batteries — with increased capacities to replace current models.

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