Hydro-Rain launches B-hyve Pro Dashboard

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Hydro-Rain launched the B-hyve Pro Dashboard, an online tool that gives contractors control of their B-hyve Pro smart timers in one location.

“The B-hyve Pro Dashboard takes smart-timer technology to the next level,” said Kim Hayes, vice president of Hydro-Rain. “Whether it’s a contractor managing dozens of timers or a property manager with thousands of irrigation controllers under their care, the dashboard arranges everything into a unified view that makes outdoor water use simple and easy to manage. We’re excited for our customers to benefit from a better smart-watering experience.”

Through the dashboard, contractors can easily manage and view the status of all B-hyve Pro Smart Wi-Fi Sprinklers under their care.

Features of the B-hyve Pro Dashboard include:

  • Scalable management;
  • CRM tools;
  • Multiuser support;
  • One-click control; and
  • Day planning.

B-hyve products provide programmable water schedules, Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart WeatherSense technology that adjusts watering needs based on local site conditions and local weather data. B-hyve controllers are Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense and Smart Water Application Technologies certified and are rebate eligible in many markets throughout the U.S.

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