HydroPoint launches ‘Outsmarting the Drought’ webinar

April 6, 2015 -  By

In response to California Governor Jerry Brown’s executive order mandating statewide water reductions, HydroPoint Data Systems is hosting a new webinar series addressing how municipalities and communities can comply to the new laws and ongoing drought concerns with smart water management technology.

The series, titled “Outsmarting the Drought,” kicks off 12 p.m. PST April 9 with guest speaker Tim Barr, deputy director of water resources for the Western Municipal Water District, who will share proven water conservation strategies and elaborate on water budget rates, real-time water use visibility and commercial programs.

“There is so much concern and discussion after the governor’s announcement, that it is important to provide an open forum for leading property owners and managers to discuss real world successes and challenges to outsmarting the drought and meeting compliance regulations,” said Chris Spain, CEO of HydroPoint. “I think most people would be surprised how many California organizations have already implemented smart outdoor water management technology and achieved savings far beyond the governor’s goals. There is no doubt that California faces a serious water shortage and for most of us, a 25 percent reduction seems impossible, but everyday for the last 12 years we have seen how smart outdoor water management is able to achieve even higher savings.

“The critical component often missing in technology solution discussions is identifying best practices and how to take full advantage of the technology,” Spain adds. “We are very excited to have lined up an incredible series of speakers to share what’s worked and what’s failed and why, so everyone can quickly get up to speed and eliminate water waste.”

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