HydroPoint unveils HydroPoint 360 to assist water management pros

HydroPoint 360 provides water data and analytics in a single view. (Photo courtesy of HydroPoint)

HydroPoint revealed the pilot launch of HydroPoint 360, a new platform to assist organizations in achieving measurable water sustainability and cost savings. HydroPoint 360 will include data insights, waste forecasting and localized industry-specific best practices. It is currently being provisioned in limited release to qualified companies with multiple locations nationwide.

“Water waste and water blindness are silent thieves, draining resources and posing financial risks that often go unnoticed,” said Christopher Spain, CEO of HydroPoint. “HydroPoint 360 changes the game by enabling real-time visibility and insights into site-wide and portfolio-wide water usage. This integrated platform leverages our more than 20 years of experience with a full array of EPA WaterSense-certified solutions for outdoor and indoor water management.”

Features and benefits include:

  • Flow technology: Purpose-designed flow technology to achieve accurate, reliable and adaptable data capabilities. HydroPoint 360 flow monitoring sensors can be quickly deployed across entire property portfolios, continuously monitoring water flow.
  • Intuitive, cloud-based software: The HydroPoint 360 platform is accessible from anywhere and delivers real-time data visualization, anomaly detection and actionable insights to help users align water priorities across their organization and make informed water management decisions.
  • Proactive outcome management: HydroPoint’s team provides strategic planning, site accountability and support and engagement to help achieve water goals.
  • Alignment and accountability in organizations: The platform aims to align all stakeholders (including those not directly involved in water management operations) towards common water conservation goals, providing comprehensive water data and analytics in a single view.
  • Reduced risks and business disruptions: Regional factors such as water rates, weather changes and water availability are included to understand and mitigate risks and reduce business disruptions.

“HydroPoint 360 is a game-changer for how organizations manage their water,“ said Sander Kim, chief product officer at HydroPoint. “From the sustainability champion to the asset or property manager to the facilities or landscape maintainer – this comprehensive platform creates alignment around water priorities and goals.”

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