IA creates resource page in wake of California drought

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Irrigation AssociationJan. 17, California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency and directed state officials to prepare for drought conditions. The declaration calls on government agencies to assist farmers and communities economically impacted by dry conditions. It also ensures the state can respond if Californians face drinking water shortages. Ultimately, Brown called for an immediate 20 percent reduction in all water use throughout the state to stretch already stressed water supplies.

After Brown’s announcement, the Irrigation Association (IA) took several steps to support agricultural and residential/commercial irrigation throughout the state.

The association created an online resource page, which will be updated throughout the year, for members, stakeholders, policymakers and others interested in learning more about the California drought.

IA also wrote to more than 50 water providers throughout California, offering drought resources and promoting efficient irrigation as an alternative solution to restricting water use. Those letters will be posted to the drought resource page as they are mailed.

In conjunction with other agricultural and conservation groups, IA called for national policymakers to set aside their differences and find short- and long-term solutions to the drought in California. A letter was sent Feb. 26 to members of Congress that highlights the importance of responsible water management in the rural west to benefit both agricultural production and the environment. This letter is viewable on the drought resource page.

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