IA reveals 2014 award winners

October 2, 2014 -  By

Irrigation AssociationThe Irrigation Association (IA) disclosed the winners of its 2014 awards, honoring individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the irrigation industry.

Award recipients will be recognized during the general session at the 2014 Irrigation Show & Education Conference, Nov. 17 – 21, in Phoenix.

The awards and honors committee reviewed 25 nominations this year, selecting winners in all five categories, whom include the following.

Crawford Reid Memorial Award

James “Jim” Roberts (awarded posthumously) received the Crawford Reid Memorial Award for his achievements in the promotion of proper irrigation techniques, procedures and industry advancements outside of the U.S.

Industry Achievement Award

Richard Reinders, of Reinders, was awarded the Industry Achievement Award. The award recognizes an individual from an industry firm who has made outstanding contributions to the development of the irrigation industry.

National Water & Energy Conservation Award

Bestowed to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, the National Water & Energy Conservation Award is presented for achievement in the conservation of water and energy relating to irrigation procedures, equipment, methods and techniques.

Partner of the Year

Denne Goldstein, of Irrigation & Green Industry, was named Partner of the Year. The title is given to a person or group making contributions in areas related or integral to the irrigation industry.

Person of the Year Award

Lawrence Schwankl, Ph.D., of University of California, agriculture and natural resources department was tagged Person of the Year. The award is given to an individual outside of the irrigation industry for outstanding contributions toward the acceptance of sound irrigation practices.

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