Ignite Attachments adds two new offerings to grapple lineup

The new Rake and stump bucket offerings from Ignite Attachments are designed to help increase efficiency in landscape and acreage applications. (Photo: Ignite Attachments)
The new Rake and Stump bucket offerings from Ignite Attachments are designed to help increase efficiency in landscape and acreage applications. (Photo: Ignite Attachments)

Ignite Attachments adds to its lineup with the release of two new grapple options.

According to the company, the multi-purpose rake grapple reduces soil disturbance during surface debris removal while also allowing for more effective hauling. Ignite adds that its stump bucket grapple provides a powerful solution for deep-rooted stumps.

“A year ago, we set out to disrupt the attachment industry with high-quality, cost-effective options designed for a new generation of compact equipment owners and operators,” said Trisha Pearson, business director for Ignite Attachments. “The new grapple models strike a balance between weight and strength, while our quality components ensure maximum uptime. Simply put, our operators can lift and do more with confidence in the durability and longevity of their grapple attachment.”

Rake Grapple

Ignite offers the rake grapple in 66-, 78- and 84-inch widths. Compact equipment operators can quickly remove tree branches, roots and other debris from large areas with minimal soil disruption, according to the company. The rake is designed with short, closely spaced tines to minimize snags while also featuring a reinforced tip. With the grapple feature, debris is secured during transportation as well as loading. The top grapple also allows for efficient back raking with added strength. The rake grapple line is manufactured with a 2-inch bore and heavy-duty cylinders and flat-face couplers.

Additional features including greaseable pins and full nylon hose sleeves help minimize downtime.

“We set out to provide a lineup of powerful, versatile tools that allow operators to handle heavy objects without sacrificing precision or the performance capabilities of their machine,” Pearson said.

Stump Bucket Grapple

At 46.6 inches wide and 21.5 inches tall, the stump bucket grapple maximizes loader breakout force, to assist pros in digging out stumps, roots, rocks and concrete. The company says its reinforced bucket and weld-on edge with replaceable teeth help ensure long service life.

“Even with compact equipment, removing tree stumps and concrete can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process without the right tools,” Pearson said. “Our stump bucket and grapple combination allows for easy removal and secure transport with a single attachment. No getting in and out of the machine.”

Learn more about other offerings from the company, including its mini bucket and root grapples here.

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