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Illinois’ first AGZA-Certified Robotic Green Zone to use Husqvarna Automowers

August 4, 2020 -  By

An area in Woodstock, Ill., maintained by Langton Group, is Illinois’ first American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) Certified Robotic Green Zone. Not only is this the first AGZA Certified Green Zone in the state of Illinois, but the first Certified Green Zone using robotic mowers.

AGZA is a California-based nongovernmental organization whose charter is to help communities reduce noise and pollution using hand tools and electric-powered lawn and landscape equipment. The group works with nonprofit partner Quiet Communities to establish, monitor, verify and certify properties using more environmentally friendly solutions in lawn maintenance.

“From California to New York, people are recognizing the advantages of reducing the use of gas-powered lawn equipment,” said Dan Mabe, president of AGZA. “We at AGZA help educate citizens, business leaders and policymakers on the benefits of battery-powered options, which can eliminate gas pollution, reduce noise 40 to 70 percent and generally improve the quality of life in our communities.”

In its first Certified Robotic Green Zone in the state of Illinois, AGZA is working with Langton Group, a full-service, 250-employee, landscape construction, maintenance and snow removal company located in Woodstock.

“We are proud to be reducing our carbon footprint and at the same time providing our customers with a better product, a lawn that is trimmed daily and never overgrown,” said Joe Langton, president and CEO of Langton Group. “We have always tried to be environmentally conscious in our operations, and we’re excited to work with AGZA and utilize Husqvarna products to bring Certified Green Zones to Illinois.”

After learning about Langton’s interest in Husqvarna’s Automower technology, AGZA partnered with the company to help identify properties, inventory fleets and generate impact improvement reports to support the goal of Illinois’ first AGZA Certified Green Zones (ACGZ). The total acreage for the Illinois ACGZ is 29 acres.

AGZA and Quiet Communities are working with Langton Group as well as other communities and companies to conduct more Green Zone Certifications and generate impact improvement analysis continuing the progress made in Southern California and what has begun in Illinois.

6 Comments on "Illinois’ first AGZA-Certified Robotic Green Zone to use Husqvarna Automowers"

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  1. Daniel Mabe says:

    It was a pleasure to work with Joe at the Langton Group and the team at Husqvarna to establish the first AGZA Certified Green Zone in the state of Illinois featuring Husqvarna Automowers and electric handheld tools. AGZA hopes this will help start a broader transitioning Green Zone Initiative for years to come.

    Dan Mabe
    American Green Zone Alliance

    • Beth Grader says:

      Hello Dan,
      Congratulations on this significant move forward!
      I was born in Illinois although I have lived in New England most of my life but now I am
      proud to call Illinois my birth state.
      Would love to know when you have a GREEN residential lawn mower available for the public. I am stalling as I need to replace my old gas riding lawn mower. Please advise if you have a product to recommend.
      Good work,
      Beth Grader

      • Dan Mabe says:


        First of all, I want a rematch on the tennis court!! Second There is an incredible residential riding model we are testing now. Please contact me directly to understand more:)

        Keep well,

  2. michael hall says:

    What a joy to see what Dan and AGZA are doing to revolutionize groundskeeping and lawncare…helping to accelerate the national movement away from gas powered equipment that harms workers, the public, and the environment.

    Congratulations to AGZA and Quiet Communities. Thank you for your leadership in this movement.

  3. Daniel Mabe says:


    Thank you for the kind words and support 🙂 We look forward to establishing the first Northwest AGZA Certified Green Zone with your team.


  4. I ditto Dan’s responses to Beth and Michael.