Irrigation Association names recipients of Smart Water Application Technologies awards

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The Irrigation Association named Marin Water in Corte Madera, Calif., as the recipient of the Smart Water Application Technologies 2023 Outstanding Public Engagement Award.

The award recognizes a water provider with a successful program focused on engaging and educating the public on smart, efficient irrigation technologies and practices.

Marin Water developed its Watershed Approach to Landscaping Program with the goal of educating and engaging the community on holistic, water-wise landscaping practices that save water and positively impact the local environment. Through the creation of multiple resources, the program guides end users step-by-step through the entire process of smart and efficient landscape design, implementation and maintenance.

“Through its engagement with the community, Marin’s Watershed Approach to Landscaping Program has provided residential and commercial customers practical information and resources to advance conservation, while demonstrating Marin Water’s commitment as an ally to consumers in sustainability efforts,” said IA CEO Natasha Rankin.

Additionally, The Irrigation Association announced the city of Aspen, Colo., as the recipient of the SWAT Outstanding Industry Partnership Award.

This award recognizes a water provider that has successfully implemented a program focused on partnership building with landscape and irrigation professionals to promote outdoor water conservation.

IA honored Aspen with the award for its work to engage irrigation industry professionals in implementing its Water Efficient Landscaping Standards. Through this project, Aspen dedicated a significant effort to develop and provide robust education and training for professionals in its implementation of new requirements.

“The city of Aspen has focused on the important role industry professionals play in advancing water conservation,” said Rankin. “Through their efforts to educate and train green industry professionals through this project, they have succeeded in effecting significant water savings through sustainable practices and water-efficient irrigation technologies.”

By the end of the 2021 irrigation season, landscapes covered by Aspen’s Water Efficient Landscaping Standards had exceeded the 50 percent reduction of gallons per square foot per season goal of the ordinance and had resulted in an estimated annual savings of more than 8,750,000 gallons of water.

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