Irrigation Association posts State Licensing Guide online

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The Irrigation Association (IA) has released its Landscape Irrigation Contractor State Licensing Guide online, giving Green Industry professionals a handy resource for determining their states’ requirements for practicing irrigation contracting.

The site lists states that require irrigation professionals to be licensed to practice landscape irrigation.

It provides a list of all states that do not require an irrigation contractor license or a license with irrigation contracting as a sub-category for those who practice landscape irrigation.

The IA also includes a list of states that are considering new irrigation licensing legislation or regulations.

In addition, there’s a map that illustrates which states support irrigation contractor licensing.

The IA favors a statewide licensing system, supports continuing education as part of the licensing process and backs the enforcement of such laws. Licensing protects the public’s health and safety, ensures water is used efficiently and supports the environmental and economic benefits of cultivated landscapes, according to the association.

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