ISOtunes launches new hearing protection

April 27, 2022 -  By
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Photo: ISOtunes

ISOtunes launches three new Bluetooth hearing protector models.

The company’s Air Defender model caters to those who may be new to hearing protection technology. A Bluetooth earmuff comes alongside background noise-reducing microphones for clear communication in noisy environments. The product carries a suggested retail price of $79.99.

For professionals working with power tools, ISOtunes suggests the new Link 2.0 model. The earmuff design comes with the brand’s highest level of over-ear noise isolation and durability. This model also attaches to a boom mic that is sold separately to further enhance phone call audio. Link 2.0 comes with a suggested retail price of $119.99.

ISOtunes’s Free Aware model targets tech-savvy workers using power tools and power equipment. The level-dependent hearing protector with omni-directional microphones offers enhanced audio technology to protect hearing, enhance situational awareness and communicate face-to-face without removing the earbuds. Free Aware comes with a suggested retail price of $199.99.

“As our brand and product offerings continue to evolve, we’re discovering new and innovative ways to provide hearing protection to consumers across all industries and skill levels, ranging from the family handyperson and DIYer with a spring project, to the skilled professionals working with power tools and heavy machinery,” said Eric Murphy, co-founder of ISOtunes. “Providing affordable and practical solutions to hearing protection is our top priority, and our customers will see that reflected in the new products.”

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