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MissyHenriksen_nalpAll the focus is on Washington these days, and it’s easy to think that all the big, important decisions happen there. But every year, our state legislators take on thousands of issues. Much of their work occurs over a frantic six-month period. During this time frame, elected officials in state Capitols throughout our country make decisions that can have a direct impact on the lives and livelihood of landscape professionals.

Last year, NALP monitored more than 200 pieces of state legislation directly related to landscape professionals and the services they provide. Although it’s still early in 2017, it appears this year our state lawmakers will consider even more legislation related to the green industry. These include bills related to pesticide bans, water use, application rules, blackout periods and similar measures.

Odds are that during this year’s state legislative season (often the first half of the year, but it depends on the state) elected officials in your state will consider a proposal that directly affects you or your business. That’s why it’s vital for you to get involved in the state legislative advocacy process. Without your voice, decision makers in your state may make choices based on misinformation or only part of the story. We need to ensure landscape professionals are sitting at the decision-making table—and not on the menu. Lending your voice to the cause is the best way to make sure decisions about issues that affect our industry are made with us and not for us. Getting involved with government affairs committees in your state association and at NALP is a good way to learn about the issues and take action when needed.

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